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The Breaking of the Code Known as Blah

the code of blah is as thus Blah-adjictive as in an expression of feeling or as a verb describing a noun as in "my life is blah" therefore the code of blah can be used to describe any event action or everyday accurance of a bum,lowlife,or overall slacker(being us)it is usualy used in our daily conversations and overlooked as a simple word but real its not so yes our lives are very blah excluding W.A.M Women.Anime.Music and that is the end of my rambels of the code of blah and it is officaly broken
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yes lt. you are right but let me clarify the codes true nature. it is not so much as what the word has to do with our lives but the very meaning of the word in all existency(dont know if thats a word) and the utter and undignified truth of how blah is more powerful then any other word for the reason of blah can be used for anything, and example "i feel blah", with this example the listener must keep track of the speakers actions to realize what mood they are in. usually it is bad if they say that though.
as i said it can be used in many ways and well thats it guess so in colsing W.A.M
Blah is one of the many universal tools that keeps life going. Right up there with Television and sliced bread!
blah helps stupid people survive. it is liek a universal answer to all questions. kinda goes hand in hand wiht such things as huh and what and why and other good words. love the W.A.M. thing ~L.SHROOM